How it works - Self Cleaning Glass Coating

How it works - Self Cleaning Glass Coating

How Self Cleaning glass works

Different methods -To an age old problem with glass

The Problem:

100% of the problem in keeping normal glass clean is the surface is micro porous, this allows water to penetrate the micro pores - taking everything within the water in with it e.g. Dirt, Bacteria, Limescale, General Pollution (Traffic Film) and even the detergent that we try to clean it with. When the water evaporates this is what we see as a streak, smear or grimy windows.

The surface of normal glass is approximately:

40% Of the surface is Hydrophilic (Attracts Water)

60% Of the surface is Hydrophobic (Repels Water)

100% of the problem in keeping glass clean, is because the glass surface is micro porous causing the surface to be neither hydrophilic or hydrophobic.

Frank Terry - Sales Director for RAIN RACER Developments since 1994 stated that; 'It is very gratifying to hear the same comments repeated time and time again from our customer's'. They range from architects, trade (large and small) and most importantly the sharp end of the business - the general public. 'Your product does everything you said it would and is so simple and easy to use'

The diagram below illustrates a basic understanding of what happens when rain water hits different types of treated and untreated glass surfaces

Hydrophic self cleaning glass coating

Your windows - versus - the elements

The Sun = The dust in dry weather clings to the glass due to static build up on glass. The sun also highlights streaks, smears and finger marks.
The Wind = Contributes to dust on the windows. The wind causes ballistic Abrasion (Fine grit and sand in the wind). Like a sand blaster this breaks down all surface coatings, treatments, paint etc and is the main contributing factor in destroying their efficiency and eventually removing them.
The Rain = Disturbs your view through your windows as well as making water marks and staining. This can make a room feel very oppressive in summer or winter.

Super Hydrophobic Coatings - versus - TiO2 Hydrophilic Coatings

Self cleaning glass

RAIN RACER™ Keeping the blue planet
greener, safer and cleaner

Normal glass surface ubject to - water stains, dust, dirt, limescale, algae, bird lime, salt staining, iron oxides, hydro carbon, lead flashing stains etc. All these and finger marks are difficult to remove without causing streaks or smears on your windows and patio doors.

Hydrophobic coatings a noticed improvement on normal glass. It is stain resistant and stays cleaner - this type of coating is known as an easy clean product.

Super Hydrophobic coating, when it is raining gives clear vision.

RAIN RACER™ creates a surface that water beads form almost perfectly - Trapping dirt within it and rolling it off the glass. Leaving the surface clean and also dry. This produces very sharp vision of the view from your window in any weather and a good view in a rain storm can look very beautiful. RAIN RACER ™ is a protective coating that is stain resistant and has light scratch resistance due to it's lubricity and is not removed if extra cleaning is required.

If damaged repair is a simple D.I.Y job.

Theory: Hydrophilic/TiO² (titanium dioxide) type coatings break down some of the soiling (organic matter) over a period of time with sunlight (reactivation period minimum 5 - 7 days) and it is then released into a film of water when it rains or is hosed with water across the glass.

Everyday reality problems - Dust builds up quicker in dry weather on a hydrophilic surfaces than on hydrophobic surfaces. Heavy soiling and things like finger marks need great care when cleaning as the coating is easily damaged (special cleaners are required). Any damage is permanent (replacing windows is expensive). Unlike protective coatings these coatings do not protect against staining or acid rain. With hydrophilic surfaces the view from your windows is disturbed in bad weather caused by the rippling effect of the wind against the film of water on the glass. This can make your day very uninspiring and gloomy at home or at work !