FaceMacâ„¢ Hydrophobic Reusable Face Mask

FaceMacâ„¢ Hydrophobic Reusable Face Mask

FaceMac™ Reusable Triple layer Face Mask

Reusable Triple layer Face Mask Containing a Breathable Vapour Proof Hydrophobic Micro Membrane

Reusable Hydrophobic Triple layer Face Mask
FaceMac™ Face Mask

'Protection is better than cure'
Reusable Breathable Hydrophobic Vapour Proof Membrane
Triple layer The Microwavable Face Mask from RAIN RACER™
For Better Personal Protection from:

Dust, Pollen, Pollution, fugal spores , bacterium and airborne virus.

Pack of 20x masks

Price: £20 + £1.95 P&P

Due to the ongoing situation please do not order more than 2 packs

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  • Instructions



    With clean hands hold middle top and bottom of mask stretch open. Now hold by ear loops pull over the nose first then hook over ears, Hook finger under the bottom and Pull under chin.

    Should you have a wide head and this is uncomfortable.
    Take a piece of string provided, double string over and loop through one ear loop. Now tie to second ear loop so that it is comfortable when worn on your head

    When wearing Mask do not touch the front as it may become contaminated, should you touch it inadvertently ..... wash or sanitise hands immediately ... wash or sanitise hands immediately

    Once Mask has been worn, remove carefully by ear loops and discard safely USE Only Once .... then discard......

    HOWEVER .... if you have a Microwave you can use Four times ... By Sterilising Three seperate occasions in Microwave.
    NOTE: Each time before you wear clean mask always mark with a permanent marker on elastic strap ... ie; Mark each strap ware it attachts to the mask.
    When all 4 staps are marked, it's time to discard the Mask.

    Place used Mask carefully onto two sheets of kitchen towel and fold over onto mask (like a sandwich) , now transfer both onto glass turntable inside Microwave ..... Do not switch on until you have checked that turntable turns completely round without kitchen tissue jamming against microwave wall ..... Only when you are satisfied it will not jam, you can then switch on!

    NOW Wash or Sanitise you Hands before Touching Controls

    Set to Full Power (600w-700w max) for Three Minutes this will sterilise Mask without damaging the breathable membrane or losing its Hydrophobic and vapour proof performance.

    For Guidance Check Micro Wave Power Chart below
    Equals % Watts = 1000w 900w 800w 700w 600w 500w
    Set Power Number Your Micro Wave Size according to the Watt Rating
    Pwr 100% = 1000w 900w 800w 700w 600w 500w
    Pwr 90% = 900w 810w 720w 630w 540w X
    Pwr 80% = 800w 720w 640w 560w X X
    Pwr 70% = 700w 640w 560w X X X
    Pwr 60% = 600w 450w X X X X
    Pwr 50% = 500w X X X X X

    Once mask has cooled hold under running cold tap for ten seconds to flush off micro dust. Shake off any water droplets, tamp off with kitchen towel and hang to air dry. Good to go in 10 - 15 minutes - fresh clean sterilise Mask. Once Mask has been Used Four times, Sterilise again in Microwave for 3 Minutes, You can now dispose of the sterile mask safely .....

    Warning !!!

    Do Not Use Mask five Times ... Do not use disinfectant or bleaching agents on this Mask as it will only damage the Breathable membrane and inpair the Hydrophobic and vaper proof profomance losing it's protective Quailities