RAIN RACER Application instructions

1) Clean glass thoroughly (For best results use blue burnishing gel as provided in the kit, This will not only deep clean the surface it will neutralise it ready for the polymer coating). Clean and then rinse with clean water, squeegee dry and buff.
2) To ensure all dirt and cleaner have been removed, buff with clean and dry kitchen towel.

Polymer coating: (Shake bottle well) Fold dry soft cotton cloth or paper tissue into small flat pad, apply directly onto pad. Wipe firmly in overlapping circles clockwise then anti - clockwise.

4) After 1 - 2 minutes apply second coat.
5) After 3 - 4 minutes wash off haze (dead solvents and polymers) using fresh cloth or tissue soaked in water.
6) Dry glass, buff and polish with dry cloth or tissue until crystal clear.


Re - apply as soon as required, RAIN RACER can not be over applied as it does not produce build up's or overlaps, it simply self seals and produces a mono molecular film (See FAQ). See below for guide times in specific areas or uses.
8) The re-application is the same as the first application process.

Technical specifications and specific application instructions

Windows, Conservatories and Greenhouses

* For best self - cleaning properties reapply as soon as required.

We recommend every 3 - 4 years.


RAIN RACER naturally dissipates microscopically with time or as with all types of surface treatments/coatings will break down with friction and ballistic abrasion (grit and sand in the wind), However RAIN RACER has a minimum useful lifespan of 3 years from one treatment.

RAIN RACER can be reapplied and self seals without build up's or overlaps to reproduce a monomolecular film (See FAQ).  This is an important consideration to make when choosing which self - cleaning product to buy for your home. Back to uses


RAIN RACER does not chip, crack, peel or discolour in sun light. It always remains optically clear. RAIN RACER is chemically inert and does not break down with soap, solvents, detergents, disinfectants, white spirit, petrol, acetone etc.


Accidental damage is easily repaired in situ in minutes and is totally invisible !

e.g. damage on patio doors damage from children's bikes, balls, dog scratches etc. The only way you will notice if an area is damaged, water will collect unevenly in that area. To repair first clean the whole of the window with burnishing gel.

Then you only need to recoat the damaged area !

Fish tanks and aquariums

* After coating leave for 24 hours, rinse again with clean water and restock with fish. RAIN RACER is chemically inert and marine safe.


Re-apply as required or every 8 - 10 years

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Bathrooms and Kitchens - ceramics and porcelain

* Please note all lime scale must first be removed with a proprietary lime scale remover (For removing lime scale click here). Before applying RAIN RACER make sure all surfaces are thoroughly clean using the blue burnishing gel. This will neutralise the surface from all other cleaners and will rinse them away completely. Then apply the RAIN RACER polymer.
* After the second coat on ceramics or porcelain there is no need to sprinkle with water to remove excess polymer, simply buff and polish with cotton duster to see them in showroom condition.
* Guide times for reapplication:

Shower screens and ceramic tiles approximately every 18 months

Bath once a year

Sinks 6 - 8 weeks depending on usage

Toilet pan and urinals 2 years


* One application for sharp vision on the windscreen lasts up to 1000 miles or 1500 kilometres.
* RAIN RACER is very useful on headlights, but because of ballistic abrasion needs to be re-applied the same time as the windscreen.
* Side windows, rear windows and wing mirrors re-apply 3 - 4 times a year.
* Wiper blades: Clean and adjust or replace as required, Test for smearing before driving. Some screen washes can cause smearing on polymer coating. If so replace the screen wash with just fresh clean water and add two capfuls of neat RAIN RACER . You can also wipe RAIN RACER down the wiper blades to remove traffic film.
* Traffic film, wax or polish can be removed from glass without recoating, by using the blue burnishing gel.
* RAIN RACER is car wash safe and will not be removed when washing (Washing restores coating). However, before driving always remember to wipe your blades free of wax residues when using a garage car wash.
* Flies and insects are easy to remove and there is no need to buy de-icer in the winter.
* To Re-apply on long journeys in bad weather. Pull under petrol station canopy, leave

de-misters on and clean and dry screen, then re-apply.


* Thoroughly scrub all glass with burnishing gel, rinse and dry.
* Apply polymer as described above.


Re-apply as soon as required or for best results once a year.

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